This post outlines numerous ‘THINGS PEOPLE SHOULDN’T MAKE ANIMALS DO’.

Has no-one told this dick that it’s DOLPHINS you shouldn’t train to jump through hoops?
I can’t see this ending well…

Here’s a link to a UK story, something else you shouldn’t ever train animals to do…


I’m against using trained animals for anything remotely funny or entertaining. I fully accept the need for assistance animals, like guide dogs and such, and I can understand the training of family pets, as interaction and attention is exactly what the animals need.
But when I see stuff like dancing bears or animals in circus acts, trained to jump through hoops or some such silly thing, it really gets my goat.

The above image has absolutely NOTHING to do with the story, as it’s obviously a shopped image, but it’s so frickin’ awesome, I just had to include it… …ChainSawBear..Oh Yeah!

Why the desire to not only eradicate nearly to the point of extinction majestic animals like lions and tigers and bears (oh my), but to humiliate them by reducing them to the state of performing stupid tricks for an only slightly more intelligent audience?

We should be trying to repopulate these species in what is left of their natural environment, not training them to keep the kiddies entertained one Saturday afternoon…
But, I guess that’s just basic human nature…

Sometimes, we live to regret our choices…

Sometimes we only barely live…

But more often than not, it’s the animal that suffers…

Let’s face it, humans have been using animals for whatever takes their fancy for longer than recorded history. Animals in wars, animals in entertainment…it’s been going on for a long time. For some reason, just because we perceive ourselves as having a higher intelligence and more awareness of self, we can then justify our utilisation of the ‘lower life forms’ for whatever purpose we see fit.

We seem to think that they have less right to exist than we do. They serve as our test subjects, our circus acts, our bomb detectors, our porn stars (ICK!) and numerous other degrading and dangerous things. Maybe it is time to take a good long look at how we treat other life forms on this planet.

OH SHIT…wrong picture!
Sorry, that one’s just on there for a friend…yeah, a friend…

Here you go, this is what I meant to post…

I would say that we should treat them more like we treat ourselves, but then I read back over what I’ve said and realise that we do! We treat them the same way we treat other people. Maybe we should raise the bar on how we treat everyone and everything else, maybe raise it to the same level we would like to be treated ourselves….
Maybe it’s all too much trouble….

But try to remember…sooner or later…



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