Beechworth (Mayday Hills) Asylum

Soon details will be shared about the Australian Horror Writers Association’s second Creative Retreat, currently being organised for Beechworth Asylum  for October 2013.

After the great success of the Ararat lunatic Asylum retreat, from 22nd-24th February this year, we had no choice but to start organising another.

From the SMH travel section:

“Sue Wallace visits an historic and spooky lunatic asylum.

Keys jangle in the night and I am convinced I can hear footsteps running around the floor above as we wander around the former Beechworth Lunatic Asylum.

Dressed in a top hat and tails and carrying an umbrella, Adam Wynne-Jenkins escorts the curious around four buildings and through the spacious grounds just after midnight, explaining the history and some of its ghostly tales.

A confessed history buff, Wynne-Jenkins, who is from Beechworth, says he’s grown up with stories about the asylum, which opened in 1867 and closed in 1995. At its peak there were 1200 patients.”

via Totally mad.


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